University of Oregon
Bachelor of Arts, English

Professional Experience

Digital Trends
Marketing Writer
October 2020 to Present

Content writer for digital marketing company. Writes about parenting issues such as childhood health and lifestyle topics including interior design.

Events Editor
February 2020 to May 2020

Events editor for a convention and vendor information. Copy editor for pro biographies, conference program, and dealer room information. Norwescon is a convention for the sci-fi and fantasy publication industries, and a science convention for futuristic topics such as artificial intelligence, medicine, robotics, smart cities and driverless vehicle transportation.

Cognitive World
Content Editor
September 2018 to July 2020

  • Associated Press style copy editing, fact-checking, and proofreading in British and American English for a website content provider for Forbes. The website focused on artificial intelligence, robotics, social media, climate change, gaming, medicine, tech entrepreneurship, venture capital funding, and transhumanism.
  • Used Drupal for formatting, tagging, and uploading articles for publication.
  • Managed and posted event listings on tight deadlines.
  • Bug hunting and ticketing of CMS issues for technical staff.
  • Selected images from image databases. Light photo editing and cropping with The GIMP, an open-source image-editing program.
  • Flagged rights permissions such as copyright infringement and violation of model contracts.

March 2018 to Present

  • Law Writer with work in writing about limited partnerships, patent law, real estate law, tax law.
  • Business Writer with work in business entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing with a focus on service industries, pension funds.
  • Ideation Creator with work for automotive blogs using Google Spreadsheets with light experience in testing URL security and giving minor technical advice on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Automotive Writer writing about car brands and features.
  • Human Resources Writer for, writing about career changes, career education, and salaries.
  • Travel writer for hotel information such as rates, neighborhood attractions, and hotel amenities.

Liberty Source/TANGO Software
Curriculum Writer
April 2017 to September 2017
Researched and wrote test assessments in English literature for K-12 students. Writer of short fiction and nonfiction passages as reading comprehension content for test questions.

Copywriter and Editor
May 2009 to July 2019

  • Banking, technology, and medicine article writer. Writer about open source software, consumer health, real estate, and consumer finances.
  • Skilled in press release writing for B2C clients.
  • Transcript proofreading.
  • Medical and science proofreading including chemistry and interior architecture.
  • Ebook editor in fiction and nonfiction including romance, horror, children’s literature, and how-to genres.
  • Expertise in working with ESL clients who required content editing and proofreading services.

Literary Writer
February 2017 to December 2017
Researched contemporary and historical writers. Wrote biographical articles and literary summaries for a humanities database. Used MLA 8 style and bibliography software to format citations.

Disney Research
Website Beta Tester
October 2016 to December 2016
Beta tested a website for the user interface, content, and functionality. Wrote short stories to test a content management system. Tested site on different browsers for browser compatibility.

SLS Consulting
Marketing Writer
May 2016 to September 2017

Wrote B2C legal content about workplace accidents, medical malpractice and injury, and automobile injury. Created content about property law and injury, divorce and child custody, and product liability and injury. Writer for property maintenance articles.

All Star Directories
Marketing Writer
May 2016 to May 2017
Researched career and labor statistics with a B2C content focus. Wrote career and scholarship articles for new and returning students advising on finances, career paths, and higher education information.

SEO Brand
Marketing Writer
July 2014 to April 2015
Wrote legal, technology, and lifestyle articles with a B2C focus.

Yahoo! Contributor Network
Content Writer
August 2009 to July 2014

Wrote fashion, food, lifestyle, and sports content for a consumer audience including product listicles for holiday shopping. Created content about health including difficult subjects such as mental health with sensitivity and clinical accuracy.

Website Reviewer
Webby Awards
October 2007 to February 2008

Reviewed websites about entertainment (computer games and technology), fashion, medicine, politics, and sports. The review perimeters were content, design and color scheme, functionality, navigation and structure, and interactive content (social networking, e-mail communication, chat).

Portfolio and Other Work

My Portfolio includes links to my medical, technical, legal, education, and lifestyle articles. Other Work includes side projects for clients.